Below are some of the reviews of my playing and compositions.


Funk Engine Jazz-Funk Album Review

Pogson's compositions reveal a deep knowledge of the jazz-funk idiom, and his immaculate bass playing, beautifully recorded is at exactly the right level in the sound balance.


Funk Engine Jazz-Funk Album Review

The third release from this Sydney-based 5-piece, Jazz-Funk features several successful collaborations with a host of horns that bring both vibe and melody to the arrangements, as well as a soulful collaboration with vocalist Pat Powell. Primarily an instrumental album, it abounds with big chunky grooves, tightly arranged sound-crafting and plentiful moments of individual improvised dexterity that hold the album to its title.


Elysian Fields Performance Review

Not yet 30, Siebe Pogson is proving himself a fine composer. ‘The Tragedy/The Journey is energetic and exciting, ‘Dark Dreaming’ has a striding sense of purpose, and the crowd was fired up by ‘Rescue’ with its funky groove, a piece that gave the musicians a chance to really chop out and show just how versatile they are. And he plays a mean bass too.


Elysian Fields Perfomance Review

 The Tragedy/The Journey by Siebe Pogson followed. The first half was rich, lush and limpid with Bishop singing a smoky lament. It then changed to a quite upbeat, boppy  snazzy melody and featured a hot saxophone solo by Matt Keegan



Below are a couple of interviews I’ve done for CutCommon magazine. I think they provide some insight into my philosophy on music and composition.


Interview One

Siebe Pogson is perhaps one of the most multi-talented young musicians on the scene.


Interview two

In this interview, Siebe Pogson, one of Sydney’s up-and-coming electric bassists, talks about his new piece The Tragedy, The Journey and The Destination, which will receive its world premiere at the launch of the Scandinavian Project on May 24.