I have been teaching for over ten years on bass and piano. I have put students through the HSC and AMEB exams and I currently hold tutoring positions at Reddam House, (piano and bass tutor) and at IGS (bass tutor). In the past I have held positions at Aria music and continue to run my own teaching business.  I love teaching and I coordinate what students want to learn with what they need to know in order to become a great musician. I specialise in several styles such as funk, jazz and rock and I like to break things down into five different components, technique, theory, reading, improvising and composition.



I've had online bass lessons with Siebe for a few months now and I look forward to every single one.  Siebe is an excellent teacher who always makes me laugh and takes away any potential awkwardness from learning an instrument.  I'm given practical and theoretical challenges at the correct level for me - pushing me to reach my potential.  I've never been able to focus properly on music theory before but I actually feel like it's a manageable task now.  My taste in music is taken into account and luckily we both really enjoy funk so I'm learning new techniques to make me sound cooler and groovier.  Siebe's lessons keep me motivated to play each day and I'm excited to see my progress develop as we take on new things like improvisation and writing skills - which we're already building towards.  Even though we're in different hemispheres, we easily figure out a schedule together.  I'd highly recommend getting online lessons with Siebe! - Frejya

Siebe took me through to the HSC on bass providing plenty of lesson materials such as transcriptions and encouraged me whilst I was learning difficult repertoire. I learnt how to play the bass, but I also learnt how music works. He taught me how to improvise my own solos, bass lines and how to lead an ensemble. – Ariel

I had lessons with Siebe for four years and in that time, I improved my technique and my theoretical knowledge of music. I was able to choose the songs I liked, and we built lessons around them. – Sophie

Siebe taught my daughter bass for 4 - 5 years and during that time, she not only developed strong technical skills, but he helped to foster a genuine passion for the instrument and her musical practice. Siebe was incredibly dedicated and went above and beyond to explore different genres of music and really help her realise her potential. -Suzie 



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